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'You are not defined by your past - A male only conference

The first conference took place on the 11th November 2017 at Fircroft College to help men who have experienced deep challenges.

Often many of us find ourselves in that familiar dark place where we try to numb our pain or forget whatever is going on in our lives and so we tend to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world.


The aim of this conference is to help men not to isolate themselves but to find answers as a group. It’s a chance to explore and discuss ideas on subjects we are passionate about as men and on subjects that we’re not so passionate about but need to explore.


We talked about real issues that men are facing today and we shared our experiences, thoughts and feelings respectfully of one another, asked questions with the aim of growing and learning from each other.

The fee was only £5, which included a light lunch and access to the workshops as well as an opportunity to collaborate with other individuals to strengthen connections and mind. However, we also had unemployed free tickets available.


Registration opened from 9.45am at which time there was an anonymous box to input questions or statements for the panel to answer and discuss.





Mental health?

The structure for the conference not only allowed discussion of the issues on the day, but having industry experts on the panel to deal with the Q&A's consisting of Kul Mahay, Tony Snow, Ralph Watson, Waheed  Saleem, Ash Ahmed, M. Idrees Kayani and myself Nelson Rodrigues who provided, support guidance and a point of referral for individuals that need to access help or look for support groups.

M. Idrees Kayani from Birmingham Mind delivering their presentation.

Keynote speaker Richard from BabyAva Foundation 

delivering his speech.

Keynote speaker

David Hefferman 

delivering his speech.

Our host Abid talking about various manly issues.

The structure:

  • A panel of experts answering theatre style questions and educating the audience on their specialist fields and how they can help.

  • Opportunities for the audience to share as much or as little as they comfortably feel they wish to.

  • Anonymous box to pose questions.

  • Break-out workshopsConfidence Building Workshop

    • Confidence Building Workshop

    • Emotional Management Workshop

    • Having Quality Conversations with Yourself

    • Thriving Past Fear and Toxic Shame


There were also exhibition stands by various support groups to visit during the day.

The event allowed individuals to feel safe to share their adversity with others, realise they weren't alone and also feel able to openly share without fear of judgement.


This conference was created because of the lack of men’s support and social groups around, a safe place where it’s easy and comfortable to make new friends and network for both personal and business.