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'Lets explore mens lost identity in Society today'

Often many of us find ourselves in that familiar place where we try to numb our pain or forget whatever is going on in our lives, in the pub!! 

The aim of this group is to help men not to isolate themselves in the pub but find answers as a group. This group welcomes any men aged 21 and over (fathers/fathers to be/ single/ married or just men) that are willing to explore men’s lost role and identity in society today.

Talking about real issues that men are facing today, we will be sharing our experiences, thoughts and feelings respectfully of one another, ask questions, agree and disagreeing but with the aim of grow and learn from what each other.


There will be a chance to explore and discuss ideas on subjects we are passionate about as men and on subjects that we’re not so passionate about.





Mental health?

A range of topics such as fatherlessness or absent fatherhood, mental health, relationships, role of men in the family, manhood, masculinity and more.


This group was created because of the lack of men’s support and social groups around, a safe place where it’s easy and comfortable to make new friends and network for both personal and business.